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Dr Gurrampati Venkata Ramana Reddy

Professor mhd flow in porous medium... View Profile

Dr Venkata Ramana Reddy Gurrampati

Professor I taught Applied Mathematics, Engineering Mathemat... View Profile

Dr Bojja Polaiah

Professor Based on my Expertise in Signal Processing as mult... View Profile

Dr V Vasanta Kumar

Professor Queing theory... View Profile

Dr Nerella Srimannarayana

Professor Generalized functions matrix polunomials... View Profile

Dr Varanasi Srinivasa Bhagavan

Professor Publishing research work in this domain as applica... View Profile

Dr Komatineni Prasad

Professor Matrix near rings... View Profile

Dr V.S Bhagavan

Professor Lie-groups and Lie algebra of generagting functio... View Profile

Dr B.V Appa Rao

Professor system of first order ODE... View Profile

Dr V.B.V.N Prasad

Professor Lattice theory... View Profile

Dr K Jayarami Reddy

Professor mhd flow through porous medium... View Profile

Dr B Mahaboob

Associate Professor Non Linear regression models ... View Profile

Dr Tangallamudi Srinivasa Rao

Associate Professor Differential equations... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Kumar Challa

Associate Professor Statistical Analysis... View Profile

Dr Nalleboyina Vijaya

Associate Professor Nano Fluids... View Profile

Dr Eswar Lal Tamma

Associate Professor Broad area - Algebra Research area - Fuzzy Algebra... View Profile

Dr N Vedavathi

Associate Professor MHD flow, Nano fluids... View Profile


Associate Professor BIOSTATISTICS, SQC & OR, INVENTORY MANAGEMENT and ... View Profile

Dr Ranadheer Donthi

Associate Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Wuriti Sridhar

Associate Professor Heat and Mass Transfer,MHD, Porous Media,Numerical... View Profile

Dr S.V Subrahmanyam

Associate Professor Hydrodynamic theory of Lubrication of bearings... View Profile

Dr K.V Chandra Sekhar

Associate Professor heat and mass transfer... View Profile

Dr N Konda Reddy

Associate Professor Inventory forecasting -sine... View Profile

Dr T Eswarlal

Associate Professor fuzzy sets, vegue sets ... View Profile

Dr Kolluru Pushpalatha

Associate Professor Near-Rings... View Profile

Dr Perugupalli Hari Prasad

Associate Professor heat and mass transfer... View Profile

Dr Talagadadevi Srinivasa Rao

Associate Professor Semi groups... View Profile

Dr M Radhamadhavi

Associate Professor crystallographic point graphs... View Profile

Dr G Balaji Prakash

Associate Professor MHD Two phase flow heat transfer effects... View Profile

Dr T Nageswara Rao

Associate Professor Lattice structure... View Profile

Dr B Srinivasa Kumar

Associate Professor Semi groups... View Profile

Dr Grande Suresh Kumar

Associate Professor Fuzzy sets and systems, BVP, Dynamical systems on ... View Profile

Mrs Srilakshmi Alla

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) working in Machine Learning and Deep Learning mod... View Profile

Dr A Sreenivasulu

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) This is Dr A Sreenivasulu, currently working as an... View Profile

Dr Ankita Tiwari

Assistant Professor Fuzzy metric space and mappings... View Profile

Dr Pathuri Bindu

Assistant Professor Ternary semigroups... View Profile

Dr Venigallamadhu Latha Hima Bindu

Assistant Professor partial metric spaces... View Profile

Dr Gokarakonda Jaya Lalitha

Assistant Professor Ternary semi rings... View Profile

Dr S Vijay Prasad

Assistant Professor comparision of M-M-1 and M-M-S... View Profile

Dr Ranadheer Donthi

Assistant Professor Internet traffic modelying numerical linear algebr... View Profile


Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Domination Theory, Fuzzy Graph Theor... View Profile

Dr N. Ramesh Babu

Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Fractional Calculus, Image Proc... View Profile

Dr Sridevi Mandapati

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr P Dhanasekharan

Assistant Professor Ranking of fuzzy numbers... View Profile

Ms S Ragamayi

Assistant Professor Algebra... View Profile

Mr D Satish Kumar

Assistant Professor Flows through porous medium... View Profile

Dr G Charan Kumar

Assistant Professor Graph Theory,Fluid dynamics,Design of Experiments... View Profile

Dr Ch Vasavi

Assistant Professor Fuzzy sets and systems fuzzy differential equation... View Profile

Dr Kottapalli Rajya Lakshmi

Assistant Professor collaboration with applications of toguchi in M.E.... View Profile

Mr Yaragani Hari Krishna

Assistant Professor MHD Porous medium... View Profile

Dr Yella Bhargavi

Assistant Professor Fuzzy and Vague Algebra... View Profile

Dr Kumar Pavan

Assistant Professor Multi-objetive optimization... View Profile

Ms Sonti Anusha

Assistant Professor Design of experiments... View Profile

Dr Dasari Ramesh

Assistant Professor Fuzzy algebra... View Profile