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Head of the Department Dr.A. PANDIAN is presently working as Professor an... View Profile

Dr J Somlal

Professor Power Quality, Controllers, Renewable Energy Sourc... View Profile

Dr K Subba Rao

Professor Attacking Embedded Systems... View Profile

Dr A Pandian

Professor Electrical and Electronics... View Profile

Dr B Loveswara Rao

Professor Design of Sen Transformer and Linear Induction Mot... View Profile

Dr P Linga Reddy

Professor Design of Kalman Filter for power system applicati... View Profile

Dr Obbu Chandra Sekhar

Professor Multilevel Inverters , Dc-Dc Converters , Modulati... View Profile

Dr S.V.N. L Lalitha

Professor Power Markets, AI Applications, Distribution Syste... View Profile

Dr Kuthuri Narasimha Raju

Associate Professor Multilevel Inverters , Dc-Dc Converters , Modulati... View Profile

Dr Bhupanapati Pakkiraiah

Associate Professor neural networks and fuzzy logics and new research ... View Profile

Mr R Bhanu Raghava Prakash

Associate Professor Expert in Renewable Energy Sources and Electrical ... View Profile

Ms K Sarada

Associate Professor Transmission Cost Analysis and Congestion Manageme... View Profile

Dr S Palani Kumar

Associate Professor Energy efficient drives, Z-Source inverters, inter... View Profile

Dr Thotakura Bharath Kumar

Associate Professor Composite Reliability Evaluation... View Profile

Dr Malligunta Kiran Kumar

Associate Professor Power Electronics and Special Machines... View Profile

Dr Pinni Srinivasa Varma

Associate Professor Transmission System Cost Analysis and Power System... View Profile

Dr S Rama Subbanna

Associate Professor Design of FACTS devices for power quality applicat... View Profile

Kalyan dusarlapudi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale I had 13 years of Teaching and research experience... View Profile

Mr M Sai Krishna Reddy

Assistant Professor soft switched DC-DC converters to improve efficien... View Profile

Mr Shaik Moulali

Assistant Professor power electronics converters design, wireless powe... View Profile

Dr Tadanki Vijay Muni

Assistant Professor Working as Assistant Professor in K L University, ... View Profile

Dr T Vijay Muni

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Sources, Energ... View Profile

Mr M Naga Chaitanya

Assistant Professor Phasor Estimation Techniques for Protection Applic... View Profile

Mr Srungaram Ravi Teja

Assistant Professor reduction of components in multi-level inverter ba... View Profile

Mr K.P Prasad Rao

Assistant Professor Multi phase (i.e., more than Three Phase) Power S... View Profile

Mr P Siva Sankar

Assistant Professor Expert in design of controllers... View Profile

Mr D Seshi Reddy

Assistant Professor Design of Solar PV System and Power Quality Applic... View Profile

Mr D Narasimha Rao

Assistant Professor Facts Devices ... View Profile

Ms Batchalakuri Jyothi

Assistant Professor MULTIPHASE INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVES... View Profile

Mr Yalavarthi Srinivasa Rao

Assistant Professor Applications of Optimization techniques to resolve... View Profile

Mr M Srikant

Assistant Professor Grid tied inverter with Renewable energy.... View Profile