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Dr K Uma Sankar

Professor synthsis and evaluation of small molicular evaluat... View Profile

Dr Subhranshu Panda

Professor formualtion and development of noveldrugs... View Profile

Dr Siva Prasad Panda

Associate Professor pharmacological evalaution of phytoconstitunt... View Profile

Dr G S N Koteswara Rao

Associate Professor controlled release tblets, capsules, nanoparticles... View Profile

Dr Dalu Damayanthi

Associate Professor valuation of antodiabetic, hyperlipic... View Profile

Mr Alavala Rajasekhar Reddy

Assistant Professor phy to chemical evaluation... View Profile

Dr Uttam Prasad Panigrahy

Assistant Professor chromatographyic method and its application... View Profile

Ms Gade Kalyani

Assistant Professor molicularand clinical pharmacology... View Profile

Mr K Venkata Gopaiah

Assistant Professor nanopartical drug delivery system tablets, capsule... View Profile

Ms Nallapaty Sri Lakshmi

Assistant Professor extration and activation... View Profile