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Dr Kamma Srinivasulu

Professor Cancer Biology, Microbiology... View Profile

Dr B Jayakumar Singh

Professor Biochemistry and molecular biology... View Profile

Dr Tangirala Sudhakar Johnson

Professor Herbal research, plant sciences, plant tissue cult... View Profile

Dr Nadeem Siddiqui

Associate Professor Development of scaffold matrices for various Tissu... View Profile

Dr Vemuri Praveen Kumar

Associate Professor Genetic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Botlagunta Mahendran

Associate Professor Genetic Engineering, Cancer Biology, NeuroBiology,... View Profile

Dr Kanuri Giridhar

Associate Professor Biomarkers for Anemia... View Profile

Dr Muddada Sudhamani

Associate Professor moleclar biology and microbiology... View Profile

Dr S Karthikeyan

Associate Professor Production of Enegry from biomass ... View Profile

Dr C Arun

Associate Professor Solid waste treatment using biochemical approach ... View Profile

Dr C Shechinah Felice

Assistant Professor Isolation and Characterizationof deglycosylation E... View Profile

Dr Mallu Maheswara Reddy

Assistant Professor Process Development for the production of value ad... View Profile

Dr Motukuri Sri Rama Krishna

Assistant Professor Drought tolerent... View Profile

Mr Golamari Siva Reddy

Assistant Professor Biosurfactant producing bacteria from hydrocarbon ... View Profile

Dr Ganduri Venkata Siva Rama Krishna

Assistant Professor Fermentation, Reactor Design, Food post-harvesting... View Profile

Dr Chanda Chandrasekhar

Assistant Professor Protein Characterization... View Profile

Dr Pinnamaneni Rajasekhar

Assistant Professor Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Yella Venkata Rajesh

Assistant Professor Computational molecular biology... View Profile

Dr Rupita Ghosh

Assistant Professor Bioceramics synthesis and its characterization... View Profile

Dr Sarada Prasannamallick

Assistant Professor Development of scaffolds, and injectable hydrogels... View Profile

Dr Sri Gujjula Koteswara Reddy

Assistant Professor Geochemical characterization and electrokinetics... View Profile